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Body Corporate Administration

Body Corporate

What is a Body Corporate?

People often refer to ‘the body corporate’ as some outside entity – which it is not. The body corporate comprises all the owners in a particular Unit Title.

What is a Cross Lease?

Rather than a development being governed under the Unit Titles Act 2010, each development is governed by a Memorandum of Lease.

How to pay your Levies?

We have various options available to make Levy payments and avoid common errors. Find out how and what to do if you have any problems.

Selling or Refinance your property? Disclosure Statements Request

When your unit is sold, your solicitor at that point will either instruct BCA Ltd or ask you directly for a Section 147 certificate.

Buildings with Challenges? We love to help!

Please talk to us about any building with building challenges! We can assist with our wealth of experience.

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